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studioWebster is an architecture and design firm located in Amherst, Massachusetts, focused on high-performance residential design and deep energy retrofits. Principal Andrew Webster is dedicated to making an impact in the local community by improving our existing building stock - making it more functional and beautiful while reducing energy use.

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Andrew Webster


I love designing homes.

  • Do you own a house that's ready for some major work?

  • Are you buying an old place in a perfect part of town?

  • Do have a new construction dream you're itching to hatch?

I'm interested.​

A client told me once to add "What do you fight about?" to my list of questions for homeowners. For some families, it's the need to protect the late sleepers from the banging and clanging of the early risers. For others, it's the need to find a solitary place to get some evening work done or a sunny spot to enjoy lunch.

Whether it's a deep energy retrofit or a new home built to Passive House standards, I love most the process: the winding way we discover together what will really make a project sing. I relish the problems we can solve with a small addition or a second story, a new porch or a gut rehab. If we've also got a failing boiler or a basement that's never been useful, we've got a real challenge I'd love to dig into.​


I'll work with you to turn "complicated" into "doable" and get you un-stuck on your path to the house you dream of.

Lina Menard

Lina Menard Mug.jpeg

Houses are my favorite thing in the world and I began dreaming of designing and building my own home when I was a little kid. I love that I now get to help other people design theirs. My path to studioWEBSTER has been meandering. Along the way I have:

  • played with a bunch of legos and blocks

  • volunteered with Habitat for Humanity

  • renovated a 1920s house

  • inadvertently become a tiny house expert and ADU geek

  • helped create the world's largest collection of ADU Case Studies

  • written a thesis about the shared division of labor in intentional communities 

  • lived in a yurt, a travel trailer, four tiny houses on wheels, and a couple of ADUs

  • received my Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at Portland State University

  • collected several certifications (Sustainable Homes Professional, ADU Specialist Yestermorrow's Sustainable Design Build Certificate, Sustainable Building Adviser)

  • designed and built my own tiny home on wheels (TWICE! - see Lucky Penny & T42)

  • created a tiny cohousing community (also twice!)

  • served as the Operations Manager & Project Engineer at Green Hammer

  • engaged with Yestermorrow Design-Build School as student, instructor, and Online Curriculum Coordinator



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