Andrew Webster, Owner

I love designing houses.

  • Do you own a home that's ready for some major work?

  • Are you buying an old place in a perfect part of town?

  • Do have a new construction dream you're itching to hatch?

I'm interested.

My specialty is in high performance design and climate friendly construction. To you, this means comfort, durability, a healthy indoor environment, and a home that's in line with your values.

I've done a lot of work in old houses, and I love that they're difficult, surprising, delightful, charming things. And I know that we need to work hard to bring them up to modern standards of efficiency if we are to fend off the worst of climate change.

With a new home, we have an opportunity to go all the way to create a carbon-storing, energy-saving, clean, healthy powerhouse. I look to Passive House (PHIUS) and Living Futures (ILFI) to help me implement ​the best practices in robust resilient design.

Either way - I love most the process - the winding way we discover together what will REALLY make a project sing,  and the problems we can solve with a small addition, or a second story, a new porch, or a gut rehab.

A client told me once to add "What do you fight about?" to my list of questions for homeowners. For some families, it's the need to protect the late sleepers from the banging and clanging of the early risers. For others, it's the need to find a solitary place to get some evening work done, or a sunny spot to enjoy lunch.

If we've also got a failing boiler or a basement that's never been useful, we've got a real challenge I'd love to dig into.

I'll work with you to turn "complicated" into "doable" and get you un-stuck in your path to the house you dream of.

My People

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I've been part of the community at the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association for more than 13 years. I've volunteered at conferences, served as co-chair for Building Energy Boston conference, and now serve on the Board of Directors there. It's a community that values experience, experimentation, learning, and sharing.

studioWEBSTER is proud to be a part of the Building Energy Bottom Lines peer business network as well, working to develop best practices across the Triple Bottom Lines of people, planet, and profits.

Certified Passive House Consultant #1900. Part of a community of practitioners committed to design with the climate in mind. An evolving standard for high performance homes across the globe.
I trained with the Passive House Institute of the US.

I'm an architect Trade Partner with Vermont's Efficiency Excellence Network.

I teach Sustainable Design and Green Building at Greenfield Community College, in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency department.

I'm licensed as an Architect in the State of Vermont, VT License 003.0134180

I've written for Fine Homebuilding, the Northeast Sun, GreenBuildingAdvisor and the Berkshire Eagle, and been written about in Architect Magazine and other places.

Before moving to the Pioneer Valley in 2006, I lived for 20 years in New York and Washington, DC.