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Architects of Vermont


What will I do with the other 4.7 years? Done.

With 2000 hours of registered time on a variety of tasks, 13 years in the field, 6 nationally-administered tests on a variety of topics related to architecture, a lot of paperwork, and a good bit of patience, I am standing by to be notified of my licensure in the practice of architecture in the State of Vermont.

The work I love

Licensure to practice architecture in Vermont will permit me to design, legally: shopping malls, bridges, baseball stadiums, gas stations, schools.

Really, I love residential design, and most places in New England will permit design of a 1-2 Family Home (with restrictions) without the professional seal of an Architect. But I am proud to have proved myself to NCARB.

Now, back to the work at hand: safe, comfortable, resilient, low energy homes.