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a Deep energy retrofit

In the US, there are roughly 74 million existing homes. Some of them are in the wrong places, or pointed the wrong direction, or too far gone to save. But most of them have real value – the invested energy and materials of an earlier time  – which we can use as we build our low carbon future.

Climate transformation is underway, and will happen in our lifetimes - and certainly in the lifespans of our buildings. The homes we create and the homes we reinvigorate will have to adapt to thrive in a low-carbon future.


I work with owners and builders, remaking houses for a resilient future.The ways we build new ones and the ways we fix old ones will sequester carbon instead of emitting it. The ways we operate them, they will produce more clean energy than they consume.

In the residential design world, we talk about Deep Energy Retrofits (“DERs”) and "Net Zero" homes, and the design process reimagines existing buildings with new life – heating, cooling, fresh air, quiet comfort, healthy materials.

When we're done, a DER uses less energy, provides healthier indoor air, is quieter, more comfortable, and less expensive to heat than most brand new homes.


We tell the oil company that you're done with fossil fuels.

We tell the solar company your new roof is will be ready in a few months.

We can do all this with the house you already love, where you may already have paid off the mortgage, or with a neglected jewel in a new-to-you neighborhood.


A Deep Energy Retrofit, by whatever name you call it, isn't technically hard to create, and it's within our reach.

But it takes diligence, experience, attention to detail, and commitment.


I helped pilot National Grid's Deep Energy Retrofit program. Some of my projects have become Net Zero homes and some joined the Thousand Home Challenge. I've written about the process (see About), I teach and continue to learn and I am engaged with some of the Northeast's best and brightest practitioners.


I've come to know a great collection of folks – building scientists and homebuilders, home energy raters and interior designers, project managers and tradespeople of all stripes – who can help bring your vision to life.


If you're ready for a collaborative, transparent, creative and satisfying process, if you're ready to re-configure your existing house into the home you've always wanted to build, and if you're ready to dive into a project you're going to love? Call, email, or get in touch through the Contact Us box below.