Andrew Webster, Principal

Your home should be a reflection of who you are, and what you believe.

We can’t fix the climate problem by building new buildings, and we can’t do anything alone. But your home – new or existing – can be a positive step.

My design process is about discovering your priorities for your project, and using my experience and knowledge to bring that to life. I listen and take notes. I create Minutes of our meetings, and say back to you what I’ve heard, to make sure we get it right. I refine, adjust, and iterate to create the design you’ve been imagining. And I translate that into drawings your builder will use to construct your dream.

Trained as a HERS rater (Home Energy Rating System) and a Passive House consultant (see PHIUS here), I am a lifelong learner and teacher. I work to incorporate the latest in building science and energy efficiency into every project.

Before design, I worked in documentary film, I played in bands, and I was a TV commercial production coordinator in New York City. With $100,000 a day on the line and a crew of 60 at hand, I learned how to manage complex projects with lots of moving parts. That helps, when I’m holding someone’s dream of Home in my hands.

I have been active in the field since 2006, designing and trying out the latest ideas, learning from the best in the business. I’ve writing about my experiences, trading stories of success and failure with my peers at the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (see, and teaching sustainable design to the next generation at the Boston Architectural College and Greenfield Community College.


I work with a network of builders versed in green building techniques, and am happy to help you interview and select the right match for your project. Or you may have your own favorite builder, with whom I’m happy to work.


From structural engineering to lighting design, landscape planning or energy consulting, you can count on a community of experts for your project, gleaned from the best minds of the Northeast.